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For The Wealthiest and For Those Who Just Prefer Luxury

Do you consider yourself a jetsetter? Do you only look for 5-star resorts? You are not alone as we love luxury as well.

At Tranquility Travel, we have many ideas to inspire and help people travel to the most luxurious destinations. Vacations that will provide unequaled service with stunning ambiance.

Below we list a few of the most expensive luxury vacation destinations but certainly not the only ones.

  • Do you love to ski, how about the Deerfield Estate in Utah? 
  • Villa Bellissima in Italy is in an 800-year-old farming village in Tuscany.
  • Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Nevada. You may see some celebrities from time to time.
  • In the Bahamas, the Musha Cay encompasses 11 private islands and the Nygard Cay, which provides an 85-foot yacht for the guests to use.
Luxury travel

When we talk about luxury, it does not mean we have to spend $137,000 per week.

We all love luxury, and we are confident we can find the perfect luxury resort to fit your interests and budget. The term luxury incorporates an extremely wide scope of options.

Let us find the perfect and luxurious vacation for you. You can choose your destination, and we will make it happen.

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