Guided Tours

Types of Guided Tours

There are three different types of guided tours


Adventure tours are for those who are willing to be brave and are eager to go native. Travel can be through the rainforest, taking a safari in the wild, diving into the majestic seas, walking or biking, and more. Typically the traveler travels light.


General tours are your typical tours that encompass detailed itineraries. The tour is designed to meet the traveler’s needs, activity level, and interests.


Small group tours are designed to meet the group’s needs with detailed itineraries, accommodations, and transportation.

Styles of Guided Tours

There are three different styles of guided tours. 


A tour director is with you or the group for the entire trip. They typically include hotel stays, most meals, cultural activities, transportation, and sightseeing. It is for those who want to sit back and let the tour guide show them everything.

Hosted and Guided

This style of tour is similar to the escorted, however, it is led by a local representative instead of a tour director. Travelers have more freedom with time to spend without the host. Most meals, accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing are included.


Both the escorted and hosted style are combined for a solo traveler. You do not tour with a group. Simply, a local guide is always available to answer any of your questions regarding sightseeing, dining, shopping, and more.

Guided tours provide a fascinating travel experience. If you are interested in learning more, let us help you and we can make your vacation dream come true.

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